The streak is over

No, not the lack-of-blogging streak. The playing golf every month streak.

As I sit here on the evening of March 1, I realize I haven’t played real golf (simulator golf doesn’t count) since the early days of January. So February passed without me getting on a plane to tee it up.

As a result, my streak of playing at least once a month for 34 consecutive months comes to an end.

The last month I didn’t play was March 2015. I actually played in both January and February of 2015 and my first Minnesota round was on April 1.

The streak is certainly aided by the fact that my parents live in Arizona and I have gone down over New Year’s the the past few years. In the process, I usually get December and January rounds on that trip.

In February 2017 I went to Florida for a weekend and made a somewhat ridiculous down-and-back trip to Des Moines and there was Minnesota golf in March. In 2016, I played February golf in Seattle of all places (it was slow and soft) and then followed it up with four days of golf in Houston.

And while the streak ended, I’m not too worried. I just booked a quick trip to Arizona later this month that will probably feature four rounds in four days, a baseball game and some time with my parents.

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