The Tour is back (and two weeks of prime time golf)

My first fantasy golf lineup of the season has been set. I have updated the PGA Tour app on my phone and iPad. Kapalua photos have filled my social media channels. 

Yes, I’m ready for the PGA Tour to be back. I’m also excited that we will have two consecutive weeks of prime time golf from Hawaii. I will watch a little bit after work the next two nights. I will certainly watch the final round after Sunday’s football games. 

I realize that the official start of the PGA Tour season came back in the fall when the “wraparound” events were held. Call me a purist or a football fan, but to me the year doesn’t start until January. I also like the break from the end of the Playoffs until the January. I don’t need a year-round tour.  

And closed circuit to the PGA Tour: If someone like me – an avid golfer who spends arguably too much time and money on the game – doesn’t get excited about the Open, the Sanderson Farms Championships and the other wraparound events, I can’t imagine many others will either. There’s this thing called football and a lot of people like it. It seems to work really well in last quarter of the year, way better than pro golf.  

Over the next 14 weeks – that’s now through The Masters – I will watch a good bit of the Tour, especially on Sundays. What else is there to do when there snow on the ground here?

I realize televised golf isn’t for everybody, but it does get me excited for the season. It’s fun to watch guys hit good shots. I like seeing courses like Waialae and Riviera. And it really beats watching college basketball.

I’m back from Phoenix, so there is now a decent chance you’ll find me in front of the TV. 

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