A great letter

The letter has kind of become an endangered species in my life.

While I get mail on a near daily basis, most of it from people who want me to buy something. I pay bills online, I read magazines on my iPad and most of my communication with others is done via call, text, email or tweet.

So when I received a letter envelope from the business owned by one of the other members at my golf club, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. When I opened it, I was very pleasantly surprised.

The letter, which was sent to all of Western Golf Association Par Club members at my club, told of how one of the caddies at my club was selected to receive an Evans Scholarship at the University of Minnesota. He has a great ACT score and wants to study physics. And it means that next fall, our club will have three Evans Scholars on campus at the U of M.

Now I’m not someone who takes a caddy on a regular basis. I like to carry my bag, but I believe in what the Western Golf Association is trying to do — they get kids into college. So I happily contribute a small amount through payroll deduction at my office and I have another small amount billed to my Amex each month.

Having previously worked in higher education and having seen students transform during their time on campus, I probably have a bit of a soft spot for education and, as a result, the Evans Scholars program.

So this was a great letter to receive.

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