The longest winter officially ends

Today’s forecast calls for a high temperature of 43 degrees to go along with a 70 percent chance of rain. It would be a decent November day and a heck of a January day. For May 1, however, it is less than ideal.

But it is still one of the best/most important days of the year for me. Because after the longest of long winters, my club is again open for business.

A first day of the year round — or at least an after-work 9 — is usually a given. But I think I’m going to sit this one out. With the forecast the way it is, I’m not sure when the first home game of the season will be played.

I didn’t really know how to describe this spring of no spring. But I got a little clarity this afternoon when my club’s May newsletter arrived in my inbox. Our superintendent said this will be the latest opening on record, later than the April 28 opening in 1973. Considering the club has been around for about 90 years, that’s saying something. 

So this is, at best, the worst spring in a generation. I just hope it means that it is going to be an awesome summer.

Opening weekend report

While my club wasn’t open last weekend, I did finally get to play my first Minnesota golf of the year.

I was fortunate to get an invite to Windsong Farm for a Saturday round. Windsong was one of a number of private clubs that opened last weekend — I know Hazeltine, Golden Valley and Indian Hills also did — and it was in really good shape. There was a little snow in a few bunkers and there was still a little ice on some of the hazards, but the turf was really dry and the greens rolled with good pace.

I played like a dog, but that’s a story for another day. There were double bogeys, 3-putts and not enough pars. But the weather was great and the company was good.

On Sunday, I went out to an old early-season favorite — Loggers Trail out near Stillwater. It’s a course with a bunch of pretty good holes and it drains well. There are a couple of holes that aren’t great, but for $39 to walk, it’s pretty good.

Way behind the pace

Even with an early April emergency trip to Arizona (when it became clear that winter wasn’t going to end) and the past weekend, I’m ridiculously behind last season’s totals. In March and April I played a combined 457 holes of golf, a total that equals more than 25 full rounds of golf.

Right now I have played 126 holes.

I can’t imagine I’m ever going to get out of that hole. Not after the longest winter ever.




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