A chance to watch a course get a facelift

I’m a bit behind the curve on this, but just found a blog that will be interesting to watch over the next 18 months.

Superintendent Paul Diegnau is blogging about the renovation project at Keller Golf Course.

While the project, which will leave the course closed until 2014, didn’t begin until the fall of 2012, there are a ton of really interesting photos on the blog. I think the blog will provide a nice inside glimpse into what it takes to build/renovate a golf course.

It appears from the blog that the drainage work is complete or nearly complete. Despite the foot of snow that we received during the first weekend of December, construction work continued until Dec. 19. In addition, construction work on the new clubhouse and pro shop is underway.

I am of the belief that Keller is easily the best value among Twin Cities public courses. The original course — which hosted both the PGA and LPGA Tours for years — had great greens and interesting holes. I played there during the final week it was open and had a wonderful time.

I will be watching this site as we go through 2013. It will be fun to see the new course grow.

One thought on “A chance to watch a course get a facelift

  1. Jeff —

    You know Paul, don’t you? I think Rose should get in touch with him about a job or internship. You see the award he just got? Fits Rose to a tee (no pun intended).


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