Day after Christmas bargains

This post, in particular, goes out to my MSP friends.

The day after Christmas means pretty much one thing to me these days: A lunch run to the big golf sale in the south suburbs.

While the location sometimes changes from year to year, the format doesn’t as each year there is a ton of golf stuff from pro shops across Minnesota and the region for sale in one spot. The sale starts in mid-November and ends shortly after Christmas. The closer you get to the end, the better the bargains.

I am a sucker for bargains, especially on golf clothes.

Today was my third or fourth stop there in the past six weeks. I usually make an initial scouting run. Then I go back a little later to pick up things that I really like. I went back this past Saturday when I was out. And then I finished it up today.

Today’s haul was pretty good. Three Footjoy shirts, one Fairway and Greene shirt and two “blemished” FJ Sta-Sof gloves. Total price: Just less than $100. The shirts, which probably all retail in the $65 range, were all either $20 or $21 each. The gloves were less than $8.  Two of the shirts have club logos on them — one from Golden Valley, one from Dellwood Hills — the other two were plain.

All men’s clothing was 50 percent off the already reduced prices. Basically most golf shirts can be had in the $20 range, there were nice FJ rain jackets for $50-60, shoes could be had in that same sort of price range.

Stopping there has become an annual deal for me. The bargains are great and it beats paying retail for a golf shirt that I’m basically just going to sweat in.

Things were starting to get picked over in some areas — there weren’t that many good clubs left — but there were a lot of clothes left. There was a really good supply of rain gear left and some good buys on shoes depending on your size. If you are at all in the neighborhood, it’s worth a stop. Tomorrow (Thursday) is the last day.

The sale is located in a strip mall on the northwest corner of County Road 42 and Cedar Ave., in Apple Valley. More info can be found on the Facebook page for the sale.



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