Golf update at the midpoint of the calendar year….

We amazingly passed the midpoint of 2012 last season when June came to a close. I do think that the next three months are traditionally better for playing golf than April, May and June, so I hope that the golf season isn’t halfway done.

Despite being busy at work and a rainy stretch, it probably isn’t a surprise that longer days meant that I played more golf in June than in any previous month.

Days in which I played at least 9 holes: 16 in June for a season total of 54. The 16 days is a monthly high, beating the 15 days played in April.

Number of holes played: I played 265 holes, just beating April’s total of 263 holes. I played 13 full rounds of 18 holes. In addition, I played in a 9-hole scramble and was able to sneak in 9 holes one other night before dark. I had one day in which I was limited to 13 holes because of weather.  My season totals are now up to 890 holes played, 538 of them at my home course.

Walking vs. riding: I probably rode more in June than I have all year. I had a full-round early in the month with some friends who basically refuse to walk, the scramble was a riding deal and then there was some heat late in the month in which I rode parts of rounds in an attempt to be smart. In June, I walked 184 of my 265 holes. That is slightly less than 70 percent. For the year, I have walked 746 of my 890 holes played. That is a 83.8 percent walking percentage (down from 89.9 percent at the end of May). For the year, I certainly want to be above 85 percent and I’d like to be close to or above 90 percent. With a conservative estimate of five miles walked per 18 holes, I have walked more than 207 miles on the golf course so far in 2012.

Courses played: It was a pretty strong month. While it started with the below average Highland National in St. Paul, the month also included rounds at Dellwood Hills, North Oaks, Hillcrest, Stillwater, Blackberry Ridge, and Somerby. June was the first month this season in which I didn’t play a round of golf outside of Minnesota.

Looking ahead to July: I don’t have a ton scheduled at this point with the exception of getting a chance to play kind of a bucket list course (more on that later). I am also looking forward to having two different friends from out of town visit my club during the month.



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