May golf totals are complete

Here’s the latest update in my plan to track just how much golf I play in 2012.

I didn’t play quite as much golf in May as I did in April. Some of that can be attributed to being out of town for eight days and playing only twice while some of that was the product of rainy weather. Still, I played a number of good courses.

Days in which I played at least 9 holes: 10 in May for a season total of 38 (April is the season high at 15)

Number of holes played:I played 173 holes in May. I played nine full 18 hole rounds and had one round shortened to 11 holes because of weather. (April’s total of 263 is the season high). My season totals are now 625 holes played, 562 walking. That brings my walking percentage up to 89.9 percent (it was 88.7 percent at the end of April). I only rode 11 holes in May and that was primarily because it was a day where it was going to rain and the only question was when it would start.

Courses played: This was a pretty strong month as I played four courses other than my home club. I played Columbia-Edgewater in Portland, Ore., and Eugene (Ore.) Country Club on a trip to the Northwest. I played at North Oaks Golf Club on the day of my 41st birthday and played at Tartan Park in Lake Elmo over Memorial Day weekend. Had a round at the very strong Golden Valley Golf and Country Club not been rained out late in the month, May would have been even stronger.

What’s on tap for June?: June looks like it will be very good. I’m playing St. Paul City League at Dellwood Hills this afternoon. This weekend will include rounds at two other courses as my club is hosting the Tapemark Charity Pro-Am. There will likely be another road game or two, but this is a good start.


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