The waiting game

So I got fitted for a new set of irons on May 17 and and order for new weapons was posted that day.

What did I learn? The biggest thing is that I have the patience of a 6-year-old.

I sit here anxiously awaiting the phone call telling me that my new sticks have landed and are available to pick up.

I’m not staring at the phone waiting for it to ring, but it is close. I think it is the golf equivalent of being a little kid and waiting for Christmas.

I’m hoping I’ll have them in hand for the upcoming weekend.

4 thoughts on “The waiting game

  1. I know how you feel – I ordered three new pairs of TRUEs on Friday last week and I have a feeling that I’ll be checking with my warehouse staff every hour starting tomorrow after requesting shipment to my business address! I hope your new sticks come in soon!

    1. Jeff

      Three pairs of Trues? You have a bigger True problem than I do. Which ones did you get? I have two of the ’12 Tours — the whites with green soles and the light grey/dark grey/electric blue ones.

  2. Yeah, this will take me to SIX pairs overall. I’m addicted…

    I have two TRUE Tours (Black; Black w/White) from 2010 that are getting to the point where they might have to come out of the rotation and a pair of Brown Stealths from last year. The three I’m getting now are the Black Stealth, the HHH edition of Black/Electric Blue phx and the Grey/Charcoal/Electric Blue phx that you likely have.

    1. Jeff

      Six pair? That is awesome because it makes me feel a tiny bit better about having four pair. They grey/charcoal/blue Tours are great. I think they look quite good with shorts, which is one of my only complaints about True. They generally look better with pants.

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