The 200-course milestone

If you ever stop by my list of unique courses played since 2002, you will see that I recently hit the 200 course mark a couple of weeks ago on a trip to Oregon and Washington. I played No. 199 (Columbia-Edgewater CC) on a Sunday and No. 200 (Eugene CC) on a Monday.

When I started keeping track of where I played back in 2002, I don’t know that I had any expectations. I wasn’t trying to play as many courses as possible, but just thought it would be cool to figure out just where I played, when I played there and the like.

A little more than 10 years later, I hit 200 unique courses (if I play a course more than once, it only counts once on this list). The first couple of years were easy as I played 27 courses in 2002 (some of which I played prior to ’02) and I added 25 new courses in 2003.

It has gotten more difficult to add courses in recent years as there aren’t a lot of places in Minnesota that I want to play that I haven’t played since 2002 and I also don’t travel for work nearly as much. In 2009, I played 10 new courses and I only added eight courses in 2010. Last year was a very good year as I added 16 new courses, including some really good ones. This year, I’m at eight right now. I will add a ninth on Sunday and have plans for at least one new one in July.

Here’s a little breakdown of the 200.

– 71 of the 200 are in Minnesota.

– I have played in 27 of the 50 U.S. states and 1 Canadian province.

– Of Golf Digest’s Top 20 in Minnesota, I have played 17 of them since 2002. The only ones I haven’t played are White Bear Yacht Club, Giants Ridge (Legacy) and Willingers.

– Of the 200, only four are on Golf Digest’s Top 100 in the U.S. while seven are on Golf Digest’s Top 100 public list.

– I have played seven courses on the Golfweek Top 100 Classic list since ’02 and have played seven more of the next 100.

– I have played five courses on the Golfweek Top 100 Modern list since ’02 and five more from the courses rated 101-200.

– There are courses on several lists (including Muirfield Village, Pinehurst No. 2, Kapalua, Camargo) that I played prior to 2002, but haven’t returned since.So they aren’t included in my totals.


I realize that I play a lot of golf for a guy who lives in Minnesota, but I don’t really know if these totals are huge, average or above average. I know they aren’t below average. But it has been a good run. And I’m looking forward to reaching the next milestone

One thought on “The 200-course milestone

  1. 200 is pretty impressive – I’m only at 120 different courses played since 2000 and I think I’m pretty lucky to be averaging 10 new courses per year. I’ll come up a bit light in 2012 I think but we’ll see how the year shakes out. BTW: you haven’t played enough in Canada! 😉

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