April golf totals are in the books

Here’s the latest update in my plan to track just how much golf I play in 2012.

April was a very good month considering the cool weather. It started out great as I played each of the first four days of the month. Obviously I couldn’t keep up the play-every-single-day pace, but it was still pretty good. I finished up the month by playing 13 holes last night after work.

Days in which I played at least 9 holes: 15 in April for a season total of 28.

Number of holes played: I played 236 holes in April. I played eight 18-hole rounds and then played 9 or 13 holes on seven other days. Of those 236 holes, I walked 211 of them and rode 25. My season totals are currently 457 holes played, 400 walking. That’s 88.7 percent of holes to day walked and 11.3 percent in a cart. Taking in a very modest estimate of 5miles walked for every 18 holes played, I have walked more than 111 miles on the golf course.

Courses played: I only played two courses in April. I played 14 times at the home course and once in early April at Ravisloe Country Club in Homewood, Ill., a cool old Ross design. It had been a private club previously, but is now public.

What’s on tap for May?: The days are getting longer, meaning that there will be more full 18 hole rounds after work. I also already have plans to play three courses other than the home course in the very near future, so I will be adding to the 2012 courses played list.



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