A bit of blog news and words about Rocketballz

All right, a little bit of breaking blog news here. Starting today, I’m going to be a weekly contributor to the 2nd Swing blog, which you can find at blog.2ndswing.com.

For those of you who aren’t local to Minnesota, 2nd Swing is a golf retailer that has a boatload of used clubs and has a significant online presence. They have also invested a significant amount of cash in fitting tools — launch monitors, etc. — in their two physical locations in the Twin Cities.

I will continue to blog here and I will link to what I post at the 2nd Swing blog. I’m looking forward to doing a little writing there.

My first post is up. In it, I talk about TaylorMade’s Rocketballz line, the buzz it has created and the like.  Give it a read if you’d like.

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