You would think a hole-in-one would be a skin…

… but apparently not if you play at Fargo Davies High School.

Tyler Mason of Fox Sports North checks in with a story here about how two freshmen at Fargo Davies registered holes in one on the same hole on the same day, No. 4 at Rose Creek Golf Course. They weren’t playing in the same group and both shots went in after spending some time on the cart path.

Sounds like it was a pretty good day for Brandon Winter and Collin Larson.


Larson was the first of the two to card his ace last Wednesday. His shot came up well short but hit the cart path and started rolling.

“When I saw it take a good bounce off the cart path right in front of the green and kept rolling and rolling, I thought it had a chance,” said Larson, who began golfing as a sixth grader. “Then it went in, and I was really excited. … “I just jumped up and down and high-fived my teammate.”

Winter wasn’t far behind with his hole-in-one, recording it just 25 minutes later on the exact same hole, also with a nine iron. And like Larson, Winter’s shot landed short but got a good bounce off the cart path.

“I felt like I didn’t hit it very well, and then I saw it bounce once,” Winter said. “I was just thinking, ‘There’s no way it’s going to happen.’ I heard it hit the pin and it went in. It was crazy.”

Enjoy it boys. And too bad you pushed on the skin.

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