Things I like: adidas fall weight pants

It is, after all, still March. It is still the snowiest month of the year. And it is still a month in which the average high temperature in Minneapolis isn’t exactly shorts weather.

As great as this winter and early spring have been, the past several day have been much more like normal. High temperatures in the 50s, some breeze and a crispness in the air.

Because of that, on Sunday I had the opportunity to use one of the newer additions to my golf wardrobe — a pair of adidas fall weight pants.

I purchased the pair on closeout over the winter from Golf Locker. I don’t remember the price, but it was a good deal. The pants are essentially double weight pants. They’re thicker (which should be warmer) and they do a nice job blocking the wind (also a bonus on a chilly day). Under Armour makes a similar pant.

My review is only positive. I stayed warm, it didn’t seem like the wind went through my pants and they weren’t bulky or anything. I’ve since been looking for another pair, but the bargains seem to have vanished.

It has been well established that I’m not exactly a tough guy when it comes to cold weather, so I’m in favor of things that keep me warm.


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