Best e-mail of the year just arrived

The subject line even read: Best E-Mail of the Year!

What was it? Obviously it was word that my club is opening next Wednesday.

The March 21 opening will be the earliest in the 93 years the club has been around. It will be six days earlier than two years ago, when the club opened on March 27.

Yes, I’m excited.

The covers are off the greens and the supposedly look great.

You know what, I’m hungry. It’s lunchtime. Yes, I am going to drive by my club on the way to get some lunch and see how the greens survived the winter.

UPDATE: Yes, I did drive past my course while out grabbing lunch and things look great. I only looked at the No. 13 green (right by the parking lot) and the putting green. Excuse the not so great iPhone photo, but for March 13, this looks pretty awesome.

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