Good news for golf ball snobs like me

This is an admission that that I’m not embarrassed to make: I’m a golf ball snob.

There are certainly things that I am not extremely particular about: I drive a Honda Accord, I don’t wear fancy suits, I have a modest house and I’m not one of those guys who has to constantly go to fancy restaurants. None of that is bad and I’m not judging.

But golf balls? I am very particular.

Several companies make good golf balls — the gap between Titleist and everybody else isn’t nearly as large as it was even five years ago — so I’ve tried several different top-line balls. Two years ago, I played the Nike One on a regular basis as I thought they were a very good value. Last year, as I blogged about, I played the TaylorMade Penta for quite a while.

But as last season went along, I moved almost exclusively to the Titleist ProV1x. The version of that ball that was released prior to the 2011 season simply fit my game better than anything else. It has low spin off of the driver and launched reasonably low, two things that are really good for my high-launching spinners off of the driver.

In addition, the things just fly and fly and fly when it is hot.

The rub is that you’d think the things are made out of gold. They are expensive, too expensive really. But they are like crack to me.

So here’s the good news: It appears as if Titleist is going again run the same good personalization deal that they ran a year ago.

While I haven’t seen it announced anywhere else, I got an email from a public course with this wonderful news:


Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x Special

Purchase 3 dozen Pro V or Pro V1x golf balls and receive 1 FREE dozen and FREE personalization on all four dozen.

Limit of one FREE dozen per customer.

All four dozen must be personalized with the same imprint.   Just text … not logoed.

Available in both low (1-4) and high (5-8) numbers.

Offer runs from March 15th – April 10th


So while this isn’t exactly the bargain bin, it does make things a little less awful. Yes, I’ll be ordering myself four boxes of these spheres of goodness.

The only question left is: How long will they last?



2 thoughts on “Good news for golf ball snobs like me

    1. Jeff

      Correct. I have since received an email from my pro about the deal. It is for real and it lessens the pain of the price of the ProV.

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