December golf in Minnesota? Apparently so.

So this landed in my inbox just a little bit ago from the folks at Mississippi Dunes.


The golf course will be open on Sunday, December 18th for an 11:00am shotgun event.  Reservations are required and you must register online.

Cost: 2-some package for $98 or a 4-some package for $196.
Packages include golf, cart, buffet lunch and 2 drink tickets.

This event is limited to the first 100 golfers registered online.
If the weather is below 32 degrees we will issue rain-checks for the 2012 season which will have NO RESTRICTIONS.

So, yes, we will have a shotgun start at Mississippi Dunes on Sunday. The 18th of December.

Update: Blog reader Stensation says that Majestic Oaks is also open.

I won’t be there, but I’m sure there will be some people there. A lot of them probably considering the high temperature could reach 40.

I’m not a super huge fan of Mississippi Dunes, but I do think it is good for early or late season golf like this. Because of the sandy structure to the soil, the course drains very, very well. It shouldn’t be a muddy mess on Sunday.

This would be one of the later Minnesota rounds I can remember. One of the first years after I moved back to Minnesota in 2000, I played a mid-December round at Daytona Golf Club. It was cold, but fun. I’m pretty sure that ponds were frozen over.

Anyway, good luck to anybody who tees it up this weekend.

3 thoughts on “December golf in Minnesota? Apparently so.

  1. Pat Craig

    I whacked it around with a few clubs this past Saturday and Monday, the 24th and 26th of December. With a few layers it really wasn’t too bad, and the course was in decent shape (dry and not muddy).

    One thing I’ve noticed here compared to Chicago is that the courses don’t put in temp pins in front of the greens. Obviously most winters it doesn’t make a difference, but for weekends like we just had it would be fun to have something to play to/aim at.

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