Random items. And a preview of what’s to come

Here are few items that have been bouncing around in my brain.

1. Yes, I’ve been a bad blogger. For several months, I was doing great. I was posting on here several times a week. Sometimes the posts were short. Other times they probably weren’t very good. But they were posts.

I, obviously, hit a bit of a wall recently and that has been bad. But I have a number of topics to discuss here and plenty of material. I’m going to do my best to get through it.

2. I’m starting to get this love of fall golf thing. For most of my adult/working life, I’ve been kind of beholden to the academic calendar. When I worked in newspapers, there was football to cover in the fall. School was back in session and life got busier than lazy summers. I followed that up by working at a college. In both cases, it didn’t really feel right to take time off of work in September or early October to play golf.

This is my first full fall in the corporate world and I have to acknowledge that this fall golf thing is pretty good. You kind of feel like you’re getting away with something when you take a vacation day to go play golf. In the past 11 days, I’ve made three pretty darn good day trips. First was Big Fish in Hayward, Wis. Then was a trip to Northland Country Club in Duluth. And that was followed up by a trip down I-94 to Eau Claire Golf and Country Club.

It has been a good run and I’ve got some things to write about.

3. Trying to beat the clock. The bad thing about fall golf is that the clock is ticking. We are certainly in the fourth quarter and time is winding down. We’re not to the point where we are shooting last-second shots, but we are running out of time when it comes to Minnesota golf.

So what is still on your list for the year that hasn’t been crossed off?

As I look at what I’ve done this year and what I still have left to do, I’ve had a great year of golf. There are a couple of things left to get done, however. One thing I am getting done is that I’m having one of my good friends out to my club for the first time this year this upcoming weekend. It should have been done sooner, but schedules just didn’t line up.

If there’s one truly outstanding item for me to accomplish for the year, it is getting down to Rochester Golf and Country Club for a round. I can play for a cart fee and I need to take advantage of that. It has probably been five or six years since I was last there and while the place has too many trees, there are some really good holes there.

4. Looking forward. I have a number of things I to write over the next couple of weeks. So stay tuned. This golf season isn’t over yet.

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