The NYT calls golf: “A window to the soul.”

Really nice piece in the New York Times this morning by Bill Pennington.

In the story, golf is described as a window to the soul.

The nutgraf:

“This adage persists on the premise that four or five hours thrashing away on the golf course will reveal our inner selves. It will lay bare our personalities and make known our character, or lack thereof. It will expose dishonesty and summon demons. It will be a laboratory for grace under pressure, for skills of solidarity; it will test our social charm.

In other words, it’s a big place in the sun, and there is nowhere for the real you to hide.”

I agree with much of what is in here. One of the things I cherish about golf is that the overwhelming majority of people I meet and have met through the game are good people. They are gentlemen. They know that there is a way to behave on the golf course.

That doesn’t mean that people who don’t play golf are bad people, but I enjoy spending time with those of us who consider themselves to be golfers.

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