Apparently you can get charged with drunk driving in a golf cart

At least that was the case in this story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

This is pretty much all you need to know:

State Patrol troopers located and stopped Mansfield driving a golf cart heading south on the northbound shoulder of Hwy. 100 near Hwy. 7.

Mansfield, a bit unsteady on his feet, told the troopers that he worked for a golf course and was returning the cart, but he could not name his employer. He then admitted stealing the cart from nearby Westside Volkswagen so he could get gasoline for a friend who ran out of gas.

Mansfield also said he had about 10 shots of gin and acknowledged being drunk. The troopers declined to have him perform standard road-side balance tests for fear he would hurt himself.

Apparently the dude stole the golf cart and then took it on the highway. Not the smartest move.

Here’s a small piece of advice for a Wednesday morning: Don’t steal golf carts when you’re bombed. And limit your drunk golf cart driving to the actual golf course.

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