A lovely story about golf, exercise and walking

This really nice story comes from the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Four women in their 80s play golf on a regular basis at Stillwater Country Club. They don’t gamble and they don’t ride. They walk.

Here is a quote from 87-year-old Ruby Kaske:

“Why do I like it? I get to exercise, I guess, and get outside,” said Kaske, who took up golf 40 years ago after her husband, Herman, died. “Exercise keeps you going – sitting around doesn’t help too much. I used to play almost every day. I don’t like to ride. I like to think about (my game) as I’m walking. When I use a cart, I don’t play good at all – much worse than usual.”

And 84-year-old Lorraine Miller added this item:

“If you don’t have a good game, you at least got your walk in.”

As someone who likes the walk, I love it.

2 thoughts on “A lovely story about golf, exercise and walking

  1. They were talking about this story on the 1st tee of the State Women’s Amateur that day, as Rose prepared to tee off. I had the great good pleasure to say: “I edited that story!” I’m glad you saw it and liked it, Jeff.

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