Giants Ridge update: Courses will reopen on Saturday

I previously blogged about how the Minnesota government shutdown was leaving the two golf courses at Giants Ridge closed.

The good news of the day is that with the Minnesota Legislature and Gov. Mark Dayton agreeing to a budget, the shutdown is ending and there will be golf played.

Minnesota Public Radio reports that the courses will repoen on Saturday.

This is good news for golfers, especially those who might want to escape the head and head to northern Minnesota.

What is unclear at this point is what kind of shape the courses are in. I have no idea how much staff was allowed to work during the shutdown. I can’t imagine the entire grounds crew worked, but hopefully enough people worked so that it would be a huge operation to get the courses up and running again.

If you go up there in the near future, I’d be very interested in knowing what kind of condition it is in.


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