Edina Country Club re-opening Friday?

That’s the word I get from a blog tipster who works with an Edina Country Club member.

As I blogged about previously, Tom Lehman did a bunch of restoration/renovation work on the old Tom Bendelow design that opened in 1923. The club has had a number renovations over the past few decades and it hasn’t always been a smooth process.

The club initially wanted to reopen in June, but the weather this spring wasn’t all that friendly for growing grass, etc. Vandalism to the golf course earlier this month certainly didn’t help things either.

Edina CC has been closed for the better part of a year. It will be the second course to reopen this season, joining Hazeltine National. Hazeltine opened earlier this month after undergoing a project in which greens and fairways were regrassed. The Edina project — which includes the moving of at least a couple of greens, many bunkers and a few tees — was greater in scope. Hazeltine doesn’t look all that different. My understanding is that Edina will look very different.

Here’s to hoping that the changes turn out well. If any of my loyal blog readers get out there for an early spin, I would certainly be interested in hearing your impressions.

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