A quick TPC Twin Cities update

I played in a charity golf event for the Ronald McDonald House on Monday afternoon at TPC Twin Cities. Going into it, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

I had repeatedly heard that TPC had a really, really rough winter and that the greens were horrible. I had heard rumblings that there were questions about what kind of shape the golf course would be in for the 3M Championship.

So I had very low expectations when I got there.

My quick verdict: The greens were fine.

The greens weren’t what they normally are as they weren’t as fast, smooth or firm as usual. They were noticeably longer than they usually are. In addition, good shots to the green left big ball marks that were borderline muddy, an indication to me that the greens are getting a ton of water considering how good the drainage is there.

 But there were no bare spots. There were no spots where you can tell newly seeded grass is coming in a hit or miss fashion. Honestly, if you didn’t know there was a problem this spring, you might not have known the difference.

With the Champions Tour’s 3M Championship just more than a month away, things are going to be just fine out in Blaine. 

I’ll write more about the golf course later — I have some catching up to do first — but wanted to get this out there. I was pleasantly surprised considering what I had heard.

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