Friday thoughts: A deal worth buying

Ten days ago, I posted about how I had yet to find a Groupon-type deal that was worth buying. Well that changed this morning.

This morning, I received this deal in my email from The deal? Two rounds of golf with cart, range balls and a “meal” at Hastings Country Club for $79. Now the fine print is that the round has to be played on a Monday or a Tuesday. But if you can swing that at some point this summer, it’s probably worth a buy.

I played at Hastings just this past Sunday (more on that in a future post) and thought it was very good. While Hastings has struggled of late with members and has moved from being fully private to being semi-private, the golf course was in good shape. The greens were among the fastest I have putted on this season. In addition, the golf course has a number of good/interesting holes — especially on the back nine.

So grab a buddy, each of you pay $40 and you should have a pretty good day. This is a deal I endorse.

Other items:

– I might be having the absolute worst week in fantasy golf history. And it’s only the U.S. Open. In my league where you pick one golfer a week, you pick two for majors. I took K.J. Choi and Martin Laird. Both are likely going to MC Hammer it. And in my two Yahoo leagues, I don’t have Rory McIlroy in my eight golfers. Whoops.

– I would like to know the rationale behind how the Minnesota State High School League runs their golf tournaments. I don’t understand why Rogers and Wayzata didn’t playoff for the Class 3A team title rather than sharing it. I don’t understand why the course setup is the way it is (well I do, but I don’t agree with it). If I ran the thing — and this is based a little bit on covering state tournaments in some different states — ties for either team or individual championships would be played off. Also, I would give up this idea of having boys and girls of the same class at one course — at least for the bigger two classes. I would have the 2A and 3A boys at one course and the 2A and 3A girls at a different course. Why? The MSHSL said they have to limit the number of tough pins, etc., for the boys because they don’t want a girl in the team competition shooting 120. Then treat golf like other sports. They don’t play Class 2A boys and girls hockey at the same building on the same weekend. They play boys together and girls together. Also, I would allow every group of players to play early one day and late the other day. 

– What are your thoughts on shoe companies putting out limited edition shoes around major championships? Adidas, Nike, True, etc. have been doing it. I know limited edition basketball shoes, etc., are kind of a big deal with the sneakerheads, but there seems to be an increased interest in it in golf of late. I’ve liked some of the shoes. Here are a few examples of U.S. Open shoes. I like the Nike model and really considered pulling the trigger on these, but opted against it.

– That’s it for now. Play well this weekend. Make lots of birdies. Any special plans?

2 thoughts on “Friday thoughts: A deal worth buying

  1. Bought. Thanks for the tip. Rose is playing in the State Amateur next month; we’ll get out there some Monday or Tuesday and check out the course — which I played last year for the first time, and really enjoyed.

    Want to join us?

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