How often do holes need to be moved?

I ask this question as I have found at my course, there have been days when holes aren’t moved. In addition, I know there was some dissatisfaction from the Golf Club Atlas crew that went to Lawsonia recently because the pins were the same on both Saturday and Sunday.

Last weekend, at my club, the hole locations were the same on Memorial Day as they had been the day before. What I don’t know, however, was whether that was by design or whether it was because of the morning weather/rain/lightning. I also don’t know whether experiences earlier this year had anything to do with the weather, the amount of play or early season staffing.

I’m writing this not as a complaint at all, more out of curiosity. I wouldn’t want to have the same pins on both Saturday and Sunday, but if I see the same pins two nights in a row when I go out after work, it is all right. There obviously has to be some labor savings involved. And it is kind of fun to get a second chance at a hole location.

I don’t have a grand revolation out of this and I realize it is only applicable if you play a bunch at the same course, but I just wanted to throw it out there. It seemed there was a time when hole locations were changed daily whether they needed to be or not. Is that philosophy changing? Just curious.

Perhaps my favorite super at a course that overlooks Lake Superior could help me out with some knowledge here.

BONUS ITEM: This story about Daufuskie Island and the fight by a pro and a super to save a golf course is certainly worth a read.

And to everyone playing this weekend, hit ’em straight.


3 thoughts on “How often do holes need to be moved?

  1. Ryall

    Something about it is unsettling but the only times I have encountered those situations were late in the year (Sutton Bay) or due to weather. I think given the trend in faster/better greens, Supers need to move the cups to reduce traffic in those areas due to the shortened grass heights required to stimp out at the higher rates.

  2. Chris Tritabaugh

    I can only comment on what we do at NCC and what I have experienced at other courses. At NCC we change cups Tuesday-Sunday during the peak season. I have also worked at two courses who changed Tues, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. I think it all depends on what your play is like. Of the two courses with the every other day schedule one was public and one was private. The private got limited play and we did not have many/any golfers who regularly played everyday. This schedule worked for us. At NCC we have a fairly significant group of players who play everyday and they expect and deserve to play different holes each day.

    A typical private course, from a pure wear and tear standpoint can probably get away with changing every other day. A public with heavy play would need to change everyday to distribute wear and tear. Sometimes we might skip a day if the weather in the morning is poor or if we changed the previous day and the ensuing weather was poor and play limited. Myself and my assistants do almost all of the cup cutting and I view it as an important observation tool. I want a knowledgeable person spending significant time on the greens each day; cutting cups is a perfect way to do this.

    Bottom line is there are lots of different reasons for cup cutting schedules at various courses. If you are curious about the cup cutting schedule at your course I highly recommend speaking with your superintendent. We are a friendly lot and there is a likely a good reason for the schedule at your particular course.

    1. Jeff


      Thanks for the insight on this. Very much appreciated. I can see both sides to this. I think your philosophy is sound in that you want to change them six times a week, but will keep them the same if weather conditions lead to minimal play.

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