Hazeltine National is end point for police chase

A loyal blog reader from Stillwater pointed this story in my direction.

Apparently a suspected drunk driver thought it was a good idea to try to outrun the cops instead of being pulled over.

This story from WCCO TV has video and quotes cops saying there was damage to both the putting green and the driving range.

The guy also apparently also ditched his car and ran to hide. The cops put up a helicopter and found him under a tree.

I’m sure we’ll learn more about this story soon. Hopefully the damage can be repaired without too much trouble. Bummer for the members there.

2 thoughts on “Hazeltine National is end point for police chase

  1. Dan Kelly

    When he was slightly underaged for driving, a junior-high classmate of mine was expelled from our school (I’m sure there were other causes aplenty, too) for driving his father’s (?) car over at least a couple of greens at … one of the Wayzata courses; I’m pretty sure it was Woodhill. He was one of the rich kids; I think his family had a long history there.

    As far as I know, he wasn’t fleeing the cops — though I imagine he met some of them shortly thereafter.

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