Getting on the launch monitor

Tonight’s post-work agenda is pretty simple: Drive to the golf course. Play a few holes to get loose. Test drivers with my pro’s new launch monitor

While I do love drivers, change probably too frequently and I have hit some indoors at places like Golfsmith and Golf Galaxy, I’ve never been fit outdoors for a driver. The idea fascinates me as you get the launch, spin and carry distance data, but you also get to see ball flight with your own eyes.

I’m very interested to see what comes up. I am going to certainly hit the new TaylorMade R11 — yes the white one — and probably the new Titleist drivers. I have hit both the Titleist models on the golf course, but have yet to hit the R11. I don’t love the white color, but — I’ve got to be honest here — if it’s better, I’m buying.

My pro said he’s done seven fittings with the R11 and every person increased their carry distance by at least 16 yards over their previous driver. What I want to see is whether the R11 is that good? Or whether other people had drivers that were really poor fits for them.

Obviously I’m going to report back.

One last thing, I went through the 2nd Swing site in an attempt to get a handle on how many drivers I have had in recent years. I think this is a complete list and I think it’s everything I’ve had since 2000 or so. It is, however, quite possible that I missed one or two. I’m usually a driver or two (or sometimes three) a year. I tend to trade in or sell or whatever, so I don’t have a room in the basement with all of these. If I lose faith, it’s scorched earth — the thing is gone and it isn’t coming back.

And I know I have a driver problem.

Here’s the list (listed by brand, not chronologically):

Adams: 9015D

Callaway: FT5, FT-IZ, X460 Tour

Cleveland: HiBore XL

Ping: Tisi, G2, G15, i15

TaylorMade: Burner TP (the model from ’06 or ’07), R7 Quad, Tour Burner TP (from ’07 or ’08 and maybe the best thing I’ve ever had), Burner Superfast 1.0

Titleist: 975D, 975J, 983K, 905R, 907D2

That’s a total of 18. And soon I’ll be on to No. 19 and the Ping i15 will be gone from the bag.

I’m just trying to be honest.

4 thoughts on “Getting on the launch monitor

  1. Dan Kelly

    At least you haven’t had that many putters. Then I’d be worried about you…

    PLEASE tell me you haven’t had that many putters!

    And if you wouldn’t mind … would you ask your pro if he’d be willing to fit an “outsider”? Both Rose and I are due for new drivers. She wouldn’t buy one from him (she gets ridiculously good prices on golf clubs through her coach), but I might….

  2. Pat Craig

    You’re sick Jeff… 🙂

    I’ve had three drivers in the last 10 years!

    Launch monitor numbers aren’t as big of a deal to me as look and feel are.

    1. Jeff

      I admit to having a driver addiction issue. I think some of it has to do with not being a long hitter. I’m looking for every possible yard I can get.

      Looking forward to seeing what the numbers turn out to be. I’m not saying that numbers are everything, but I like the idea of having some additional information.

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