Renovation of Edina Country Club nearing completion

A loyal reader found this Cybergolf story today. It looks like essentially a press release, but there is some good info on the work being done at Edina Country Club.

Among the highlights in the piece:

– The work had a pricetag of $3.4 million.

– They are hoping to reopen in June.

– It’s not a secret that this course, originally designed by Tom Bendelow, has had issues. This from the story: “According to club president Scott Thiss, a renovation completed in 1995 was not properly executed. “We’ve been playing on a golf course with serious issues for 15 years.”

If you want to see the what Lehman is doing/has done to Edina, there is a great hole-by-hole video here. It shows Lehman, who recently also did work at North Oaks, talking in specifics about each hole on the course and why he was doing things. It gives a really good sense of what he was trying to accomplish. It’s kind of long, but go0d.

My take on this is that I hope the work is finally done right. While Edina is not in the top tier of courses in the Twin Cities (and maybe not in the second tier), but it is a solid, classic course with a good, strong membership. It’s also somewhat unique among Twin Cities clubs in that it is very much a neighborhood/community club in that the overwhelming majority of members live within five minutes of the club. Those folks deserve to finally have a golf course that doesn’t have screwed up greens. And I’m all for more good golf courses.

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