Will this snow hurt courses?

 For those of you in the Twin Cities, you know what you saw when you looked out the window this morning. For those of you from elsewhere, we got snow this morning. Yes on April 20. And, no, it’s not cool.

But will this stuff hurt courses that are open for the season?

Northland Country Club’s Chris Tritabaugh blogged about this last weekend. His short answer is that it really isn’t any different than rain.

And if you don’t know, Chris (who has even commented on this humble blog) writes a great blog that is entertaining and informative. If you are interested at all in golf courses, it is worth checking out or putting in your Google Reader.

A quick aside, after getting a little snow last Saturday morning, I did see a couple of groups playing in the afternoon post-melt at Golden Valley.

2 thoughts on “Will this snow hurt courses?

  1. Jeff

    Chris, thanks for stopping by. I figured you are the expert and since you just blogged about it, I would borrow your content.

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