Is there a club or set of clubs you’ve always wanted?

One of the people I follow on Twitter is @pacduneslooper. As his name suggests, he’s a caddy at Bandon Dunes. We’ve had a little back and forth on Twitter and he’s a funny dude who loves golf, the Oregon Ducks and the Portland Trail Blazers. Seems like he’d be a good dude to have carry your bag or tee it up with.

Yesterday, he tweeted that he was psyched to have won a set of clubs on eBay. I clicked on the link and saw a lefty version of these irons:

I’m not going to lie to you, I was a bit jealous. As a junior golfer in the late 80s, I think I would have given anything for some beryllium copper Ping Eye 2s. They were some sweet sticks that were usually reserved for snotty rich kids from the suburbs.

I honestly can’t remember how much they cost. But it seemed at the time like they were so expensive.

So was there a club or set of clubs that you always wanted?


One thought on “Is there a club or set of clubs you’ve always wanted?

  1. Pat Craig

    I have a thing for copper clubs, in particular wedges and putters. BeCu is so soft it’s incredible around the greens.

    Those irons are sweet…

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