A rare moment featuring restraint and patience

I admit that I have a problem. I like golf equipment. I mean, I really, really, really like new clubs.

In some ways, that might be the hardest part of living in Minnesota. As new equipment starts to trickle out in the fall and flooding out in February or so, I have a hard time not wanting try out new sticks and (of course) buy some.

The problem with that is that it isn’t exactly a prudent move to buy clubs in the dead of the winter. I haven’t played in months, there is rust on my swing and I think it is hard to make a truly intelligent choice. I appreciate the technology that is in launch monitors and simulators, but I do also like to see what how the ball flies off the club in real conditions. Does it balloon or flatten out? What really happens in windy conditions?

I have been really good this winter and spring. Amazingly good. I have yet to hit any of the new drivers. Oh I have looked at them at both Golf Galaxy and Golfsmith. I have checked out the white TaylorMade R11. I have lusted over how great the new Titleist drivers look, I like how one of the new Adams drivers look. And it goes on from there.

But while I haven’t hit a driver, I seem to roll a few putts every time I’m in there. The one putter I keep going back to is the new Nike Method Core 4i.

I liked the original Method putters when they came out a year ago, but I didn’t like the $250 price tag. I already have one Scotty Cameron that I’m not using right now, I don’t need another high priced putter.

But the Method Core is more of a mass produced putter, it has a much better price point with a street price of about $129 or so, but it still seems to put a good role on the ball. The grooves on the face do seem to help put a good roll on the ball (at least inside). And I also like that the Method Core has a face-balanced, center-shafted model — key for a guy who likes to go straight back and straight thru like I do.

So last week, Golfsmith is running a deal in which I could save $20 on that putter. I seriously considered it. Very seriously. I even went out at lunch to roll a few more putts with it.

But amazingly, I didn’t buy it. I think it kind of clicked that it might not be bad to putt it outside on greens that aren’t in mid-April shape. I realized that there will be another sale, there is my club’s pro shop and there is eBay.

So I didn’t buy the putter. I walked out of Golfsmith without making a single purchase.

Rare restraint. Very rare restraint and a little bit of patience.

6 thoughts on “A rare moment featuring restraint and patience

  1. Pat Craig

    Putter techology is one thing I don’t believe in. Just find something that feels good, looks good, and puts a good roll on the ball and you should be fine.

    We need to take a trip to 2nd Swing one of these days!

  2. Jeff

    Pat, I don’t totally agree with you, but I do think there is something there when it comes to inserts and some of the groove technology that gets the ball rolling better. That said, it is primarily about confidence and having the ability to read the greens correctly.

    How’s that putter that you stole from your wife working out?

  3. Dan Kelly

    Hanging out with Rose at Dick’s the other day, while she found a new pair of shoes, I wandered into the Putter Department. Picked up a “Heavy Putter” — which more than lives up to its name. The thing is really, really heavy!

    I rolled a few from one side of the store to the other (embarrassing my daughter in the process), and it felt really easy to get a good roll going.

    Anyone played with the thing?

    1. Chris Miller

      Dan, I have played it. It was wonderful inside on the carpet, but I had a hard time with longer putts outside and some problems with distance control. I’m sure it was the putter 🙂

  4. Chris Miller

    Jeff, you know you have a problem when every spring there isn’t a club in your bag that makes it through the winter. I have 3 such clubs that made it and one is in jeopardy of losing it’s spot.

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