Covers coming off, courses opening, things look good?

I drove past Golden Valley Golf and Country Club this evening and saw that at least most of their green covers were off. From Twitter, I learned that other clubs were doing the same thing.

On the list of course openings, more and more courses are opening or have announced when they will open.

I have a tee time for my first Minnesota round of golf of the season scheduled for Saturday morning.

I would venture to guess that barring something very strange happening weather-wise that nearly every course in the Twin Cities – both public and private – will be open by next weekend.

What will golfers find? From what I’ve heard from different people is that things look pretty good. The early snow we got provided good insulation, covered greens apparently look really good. And clubs/courses that got the proper amount of snow mold protection down should start the season in good shape.

I did hear that at least one fairly well known course does have some snow mold issues. I’m sure we may hear more about that moving forward.

But after a long winter, it appears that the golf season is just about here.

I can’t wait.

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