Happy best-non-major-day in golf

I know I like golf to an almost unhealthy level.

So I realize that today, to most of you, is just an average February Wednesday. But not to me.

It’s the first day of the match play. We’re talking 64 players, 32 matches, unbelievable golf. To put it into context, it is like having the Thursday and Friday of the NCAA tournament all on one day.

Plus the whole head-to-head part of match play is a nice change from stroke play. Like watching guys try to match their opponents.

I can’t watch as I’m at work. But I’m following along on the live scoring. And look forward to highlights tonight.

I picked Martin Kaymer to win the whole thing. A bit of a chalk pick, I know. But the German has been awesome. He might not have personality. But he has game.

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