Great Sand Hills pictures here

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I don’t know Matt, the golfing blogger from St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada and Golf Club Atlas poster. But I do know that he has written about 1,000,000 words on his trip this past summer to Sand Hills Golf Club, the gem in Mullen, Neb.

I haven’t played this Coore and Crenshaw gem, but it seems like an awesome place. If Ihad a golf bucket list — maybe I should put one together — this would be on it.

Matt wrote so much about Sand Hills — both on the experience and the golf course  — that he needed to do it in two posts.

The first post is here. In it, he talks about how cool the place is and has a number of pictures of the non-golf portions of the place.

The second post went up today. I gave it only a quick glance and it looks really good. So many pictures. Looks fantastic.

So give our Canadian friend some traffic. The pictures are tremendous. And considering it is snowing — again — these photos might be the only thing to keep me going until spring.


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