The sad reality has arrived: Barring something extremely surprising, there will be no more golf in 2013 for this guy.

It ended a week ago when I didn’t take my clubs on a work trip. When I booked a trip to San Antonio for the weekend before Thanksgiving, my plans were simple. I was going to work on Saturday morning and then spend the afternoon teeing it up in the afternoon before flying home on Sunday morning.

I was going to potentially try to weasel my way onto Briggs Ranch, a pretty good Fazio design. Maybe I was going to try to get on Oak Hill, a cool Tillinghast that I drove around on my last trip to San Antonio.

The problem, however, was a cold front and temps in the low 40s. Not exactly standard Texas weather. As a result, the Club Glove travel bag stayed in the basement and I didn’t make a trip to my club to get my clubs out of storage.

Throw in the fact that a parental visit to Arizona would wait until early 2014 and the season is over.

My feelings on the end? I’m OK with it. It was a good year. I played 28 different courses in 10 different states. I played 14 courses that were new to me. I played a U.S. Open venue in steady rain. I played my first Maxwell. I had a great weekend trip to Ballyneal for my first Doak experience. And I had two wonderful days playing my two favorite courses in Minnesota.

It was a good year despite my lack of blogging. And I’m looking forward to an exceptional 2014.